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Portable Dryer Gearbox
Portable Dryer Gearbox
The gearbox of Portable dryer is a main mechanism , it used the transmmission system of micro gear motor to control the dryer to output the high temperature air current on the surfaces of clothes, to heat...
The gear box of the mini air conditioning
The gear box of the mini air conditioning Project Description:
Customization is becoming a popular option in the air-conditioner industry nowadays. Traditional large ones ...
Home intelligent broken machine
Home intelligent broken machine Zhaowei micro-motor gear box for home intelligent broken machine based on "complete food concept", the food as much as possible all food and absorption, do not lose any part...
Intelligent Electric Toothbrush GearBox
Intelligent Electric Toothbrush GearBox Project Name:
Intelligent Electric Toothbrush GearBox

Project Description:
Nowadays more and more people begin to use electric toothbrush, but there are also people question: such...
Intelligent anti myopia pen gearbox
Intelligent anti myopia pen gearbox Project Name:
Intelligent anti myopia pen gearbox

Project Description:
YBPOO launched an anti myopia smart pen --YBPOO and solve the troubles of many parents. Different from ordinary ball point pen
Smart phone photo printer gearbox
Smart phone photo printer gearbox   Challenge Solve the problem of concentricity and uniform Speed of small Volume products.   Achievement 1.The design of planetary gear breaks through the design idea and scheme of the industry, improves the function of noise reduction, meets the r...
vending machine gearbox
vending machine gearbox Project name:vending machine gearbox Project background With the development of the Internet, the emergence of no-man supermarket, vending machines are gradually popularizing. More and more people rely on these convenient devices, and the emergence of new payment platforms, such as Alipay, WeChat payment and other convenient payment, has accelerated digital transactions. Vending machines that specialize in all kinds of goods become essential automatic equipment for stations, subway stations,
Water supply instrument gearbox
Water supply instrument gearbox   Background   In the 90s of last century, medical, chemical, electrical, optical and other fields of science and technology paid attention to the beauty industry, and the beauty industry changed dramatically. All kinds of beauty instruments came i...
Intelligent Building Block Drive gearbox
Intelligent Building Block Drive gearbox Project background According to Amazon's big Chinese data, the sales heat of STEM puzzle toys in the past year has continued to ferment, and the sales ratio in total toy categories has exceeded 50%.STEAM for Science, technology , engineering , Art, and education emphasize through lively and interesting practical courses to cultivate students' creativity, innovation spirit and problem solving ability. Project problems To solve the intelligent building block walking, graspi
The gearbox of the instrument that absorbs blackheads
The gearbox of the instrument that absorbs blackheads
Clean pore blackhead/grease; Remove from the inside out, absorb blackhead without hurting skin, make skin reach the smooth, tight and tender skin of the application. Zhao wei is a specialized research and development of plastic gear box and the metal gear box of the enterprises, in 2017 in shenzhen baoan "smart" honorary title, is the country's top 500 enterprises designated suppliers, for you need gear box, as long as you give scheme figure, plan style parameters...
Full Screen Mobile Phone Camera(Geard Motor)
Full Screen Mobile Phone Camera(Geard Motor) Project difficulty : in the 5G age, the trends of full screen mobile phone is established, how to set the front camera ;

Solution: in Zhao Wei company , the planetary gearbox 3.4mm, 4mm and 5mm reducer stransmmission solution can be applied to camera of mobile phone , such as turn camera to front , back and different angles, lens screwing out etc...
Intelligent/Smart lock
Intelligent/Smart lock Project Name:Intelligent/Smart lock gearbox

Project Description: intelligent bicycle lock is a smart bike lock, the use of low power Bluetooth technology 4 or WiFi signal to replace the physical keys, can be based on mobile phones Distance the bike's position to lock and unlock the bike (or directly in the application)...
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