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How to make micro reduction motors start normally?[ 10-11 15:26 ]
If your micro reduction motor operates normally, this article may be not suitable for you. But if your micro reduction motors don’t work, the article is very important for you.
How to select the suitable lubrication oil for your micro reduction motor?[ 10-08 16:28 ]
There be some principles of choosing the suitable lubrication oil for micro reduction motors and its function in the micro motors.
what are reasons in gear system?[ 09-22 15:41 ]
Since gears are the basic part of the gearbox drive, reducing gear noise is necessary to control gearbox noise. In general, the causes of gear system noise mainly have the following aspects.
ZHAOWEI precision reducer[ 09-20 15:51 ]
Precision reducer is a kind of power transmission mechanism,which is used to reduce speed and increase torque.
What is micro gear reducer?[ 09-18 15:52 ]
Micro gear reducer is a close drive reduction device driven by micro motor, which is a combination of a reducer and a motor to reduce the speed and increase the torque to meet the needs of mechanical equipment.
The correct ways to assemble a micro planetary reducer[ 09-13 18:11 ]
It is an important link which ensures a micro planetary reducer to operate normally to install correctly,use and maintenance a micro planetary reducer.
Relationships between micro gearboxes and small gear reducers[ 09-11 15:41 ]
Micro gearboxes which has good performance above are often combined with motors to form small reduction motors or small gear reducer.
How to select a suitable stepper motor for the instrument panel?[ 08-21 16:25 ]
Stepper motor is composed of three elements: step angle (involving phase number), static torque and current.Once the three elements are determined, the type of stepper motor for instrument panel is determined.
What are the characteristics of the gearbox lubricating oil?[ 08-17 16:25 ]
The characteristics of the gear reducer lubricating oil.
What is ZHAOWEI DC motor and Gear motor used for?[ 03-26 09:57 ]
They are the key mechanic driver components for the Automation and Intelligent Applications, such as:
What ZHAOWEI offers?[ 03-26 09:25 ]
ZHAOWEI offers Mini DC motors and DC Gear motors. We call it mini, because the diameter is just 3~40mm. We call it DC, because the voltage is DC (direct current), not AC. The voltage is from 3~24VDC.
What is DC Gear Motor?[ 03-26 09:24 ]
DC Gear motor, is also called DC Geared Motor, Geared Dc Motor and gearhead motor or gearbox motor. It consists of a electric DC motor and a gearbox or gearhead; these gearheads are used to reduce the DC motor speed, while increase the DC motor torque. Therefore user can get lower speed and higher torque from gear motor.
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