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The reduction motor parameters for milk absorbers[ 10-18 18:10 ]
A milk absorber motor belongs to micro reduction motor,which is combined with a drive motor and a micro gearbox,its power is below 50W, voltage is below 24V and outer diameter is below 38mm.
The parameters of remote Control Electric Curtain Motor[ 10-17 18:02 ]
In order to meet different needs,we can custom micro motors of remote Control Electric Curtain according to some parameters,such as Gear materials,output speed,output power,rated voltage,outer diameter and so on.
The parameter of high-precision reduction stepping motor[ 10-16 18:25 ]
The high-precision reduction stepping motor is combined with a drive stepping motor ,and the motor is used widely in various fields.
ZHAOWEI micro planetary gearbox assists in phone camera[ 10-15 19:15 ]
ZHAOWEI mobile phone project,has been designed to change the traditional camera concept.Adopt to a "planetary gear three-stage drive structure” with a stepping motor,the camera can turn.
ZHAOWEI micro planetary gearbox[ 10-13 15:42 ]
A micro planetary gearbox, also referred to as planetary gearing, has three components:the sun gear, the planet gears' carrier and one or more planet gears, and the ring gear.
Zhaowei’s the smallest reduction motor:3.4mm[ 10-12 18:30 ]
Zhaowei’s the smallest reduction motor is 3.4mm, because it is small volume,low noise,high efficiency and other advantages,so it is used widely in various areas.
ZHAOWEI small reduction motor[ 10-10 15:46 ]
ZHAOWEI has 21 years of experience in designing and producing small reduction motor,and we can custom products as your needs.
Why not select ZHAOWEI as your DC motor supplier?[ 09-30 15:41 ]
ZHAOWEI supplies standard parts just as easily as custom-designed components and we do it quickly and at a price you can afford.
ZHAOWEI gear reducer solutions for the robot[ 09-29 15:19 ]
ZHAOWEI has 21 years of experience in designing and producing micro gear reducer for many areas,such as smart home,robots... Then i will introduce our gear reducers solutions for the robot.
Gear transmission:ZHAOWEI micro planetary gearbox[ 09-28 15:35 ]
Gear transmission including micro planetary gearboxes is one of the most widely used transmission forms in mechanical transmission,which is accurate, high efficiency, compact structure, reliable work and long life.
A micro gear reducer and a intelligent trash can[ 09-27 15:39 ]
The function of the driving parts is open and close the trash can,Opening and closing efficiency of trash can depends on the micro gear reducer,so choosing a suitable micro gear reducer is very important.
Micro reduction motors make a gas water heater more safer[ 09-26 15:05 ]
A forced venting is the inevitable trend of gas water heater development. However ,the quality of forced venting mostly depends on the quality of micro reduction motor.
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