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Advantages of small DC motors--ZHAOWEI

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The internet is such a great research tool. For example, if you try to find out the difference between small DC motors and AC motors you’ll get helpful tips like, “DC motors run off direct current and AC motors run off alternating current”. This is where the meme-hip would post a contour drawing of Nicholas Cage with the caption, “You don’t say?”

What people really want to know is the functional difference. In other words what they are asking is, “For my application should I use small DC motors or small AC motors?”

Although we derisively dismissed the current-based answer, let’s talk about current. The source of your electricity will be a factor. If this is an appliance meant to be plugged into a wall outlet or wired directly to the power grid, then an AC motor will be easier to use. If it’s a portable item running on batteries, then you will be able to use a DC motor without a convertor. However that’s only one factor.

Size matters. As a rule of thumb, small DC motors are more energy efficient than small AC motors, but AC is more efficient than DC for large applications. The difference between “small” and “large” isn’t cut and dried. For children’s toys you want small DC motors; for industrial rock crushers you want large AC motors. For everything in between, it’s a judgment call. This small vs. large relationship also applies to cost: DC is typically cheaper for small applications but AC is cheaper for large ones.

Small DC motors have easier speed control than AC. As you vary the current, a DC motor’s speed changes proportionately. To change the speed of an AC motor you have to vary the frequency of the source, which is a bit more complicated. Single-speed applications probably will take AC motors while variable speed equipment will do better with DC.

The question of the right motor is more complex than AC vs. DC. Once you decide on small DC motors then you also need to determine what type of motor as well as its specifications. Call us for help designing the right DC motor for your application.

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