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Gear reduction motor maintenance method

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-08-16 14:54:00

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    To ensure the normal operation of the gear motor, except the normal use of the operating procedures and maintenance, regular checks should also be conducted. Thus problems elimination and failures prevention can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the gear motor. To draw a conclusion, gear motor needs regular maintenance and maintenance:

    1.Inspection of insulation. The insulation capability of the insulation material is different, so it is very important to check the winding of the motor. Electrical work environment, the existence of corrosive gases and other factors, will damage the electrical insulation. Winding ground fault are the most  common cases. T he insulation damage will lead the live parts and chassis to a  metal part collision. Once this failure occurs, normal work of the motor and personal safety will be affected. Therefore, in the use of motor, we should always check the insulation resistance, and pay attention to make sure the motor casing is reliable.

    2.Inspection and maintenance of bearings. Bearings should be cleaned after use for a period of time and replace the grease or oil. The time of cleaning and oil changing should be determined by the motor, working environment, cleaning degree and lubricant type. Generally ,we should clean the motor and replace the grease each 3 months. When the oil temperature is high, motor in poor environmental conditions, should be cleaned regularly.

    3.Cleaning gearbox. Timely removal of dust and greasy filth. If in a dusty environment, we’d better clean the gearbox once a day.

    4.Motor terminal check and clearance. Check the wiring box connection screw is loose or burned.

    5.Check the fixed part of the screw, including anchor bolts, screws, screw cover bearing cover etc.. Tighten the loose nut.

    6.Motor starting device also needs timely external dust and grease cleaning, contacts wiping. Check the wiring of the site and make sure whether is a burned trace and ground wire or not.

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