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How to correctly use the gear box motor?

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-12-03 09:57:00

      Reduction gear box motor has been widely used in various fields, so, in the course of the use of what are the considerations? Below, ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics will give a simple introduction of how to correctly use the gear box motor.
      First, deceleration motor gear box device range to ensure the operation of the staff, included to facilitate the near cursor, vent plug and oil plug range. After the completion of the device of the reducer, the check personnel shall be in accordance with the order of the accuracy of the device location, determine the reliability of the various fasteners, etc..
     Second, a reduction gear box of the motor output shaft in the transmission, we must pay attention to the operation of the soft, prohibited the use of hammer, and other things rough device, it is best to use mounting fixture and the shaft end of the internal thread device to bolt is screwed into the intensity of the transmission pressure reducer, this can maintenance inside the gear reducer parts not to be damaged.

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     Third, the reduction gear box motor in the device, to pay special attention to the transmission center axis of the right, the error cannot exceed the use of the coupling of the gear reducer. The speed reducer can obtain more ideal transmission effect and more durable service life in accordance with the requirements.
     Fourth, the reduction gear box motor is very important, to ensure smooth and strong, in general, we should speed reducer gear box motor unit in a horizontal foundation or base, at the same time, oil tank oil should be able to clean, and cooling air circulation. Reduction gear box motor is fixed, the foundation is not reliable, it will show the formation of the phenomenon, the oscillation will make the bearing and gears are not necessary damage.
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