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Micro gearmotor will put the juicer into your pocket

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2017-09-18 13:50:00

 With the continuous growth of the economy and personal income, people enhance the requirements for the quality and health of the life accordingly. The demand for the healthy service is increasing constantly which push the rapid development of the relevant health and wellness industry as well. Nowadays more and more people like to drink the beverages with fruit and vegetable juice, especially for the female with function of maintaining the beauty and keeping young. However, most of juice beverages have the additives like food colors. So some people prefer to make the fresh fruit juice by themselves at home.

  To better meet the needs of the consumers, it brings a portable juicer into the market. With the characteristics of portable, compact and easy operation, it is very popular with the young people currently. This portable juicer is composed of a cup and motor at the bottom which structure will allow us to easily take away this cup for its ordinary function.
What realizes our dream to go out for a picnic with juicer?
  Actually, it is very sample for the principle of this type of potable juicer which is to constantly crash and blend the fruit into the fresh juice with the rotation of the steel blades driven by a
gear motor mounted on the base of the cup.

  The motors of juicer fall into two categories generally. The first one is for the home appliance with the low powers between 350w-400w. The rotor and belt wheel only work under the middle and low speed which is safe and will not be out of control. So we usually apply the motors with constant speed in this kind of juicer without the function of speed change.
The other one is for the commercial purpose with the power up to 1200w-1500w. Since the power and speed of motor are very high, its rotor and gears will run under the ultra-high speed correspondingly which is easy to get out of control. In order to avoid this problem, the reduction motors (also called as gear reducer or
gearmotor) should be used in all the juicers with the big powers which are generally applied in the places like restaurant, bar, pub, etc.

  The low-end juicer is only driven by an ordinary motor without reducer. But it should be equipped with a reduction gear to control the speed of the motor if you really want to drink a cup of fresh and delicious fruit and vegetable juice.
micro gear motors self-developed by ZHAOWEI not only can help the juicer to realize the compact design, but also provide the benefits of over-heat protection and magnetic switch for more reliable and safer performance. Just put this portable juicer into your pocket and enjoy the nutritious and delicious fruit juice anytime.
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