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Smart home essential--Reducer motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-08-20 17:32:00

    Reducer motor protection role in transmission, reducer under large torque, in the operation of the overload when passed to the motor overload only divided by the value of reduction ratio, if borne by motor directly may cause damage to the motor. Slowdown when overload very big chance be damaged, and reducer only need to replace spare parts can be restored to use, the cost is relatively low, if the motor directly damage repair is relatively slow, cost is high.

Reducer can reduce the moment of inertia, general is to reduce the square of the speed ratio, it is very important for control, can timely start-stop, variable speed control. Through reducer increased torque is equivalent to increase the input power, also can reduce the input motor power (in the need to speed), than the general motor reducer is expensive, so consider to use reducer.

In motor directly connected load when running at low speed in order to meet the output torque current will increase a lot, for cooling and insulation of the motor will have higher request, from the perspective of energy saving is also not desirable, if use reducer can reduce the impact of these problems.

ZHAOWEI supplies a variety of standard gear motors and custom DC Gear MotorS for every application. When a standard model does not meet your application, we have many capabilities to tailor our motor and gearbox combination to delivery your goals and expectations for your application. Our factory engineering department is available to evaluate your needs and provide you with a cost effective solution for your project with very quick turnaround time.


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