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The application of gearbox in Auto

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2017-09-05 14:43:00

The gearbox is based on modular design principle of unit structure, It greatly reduces the types of parts, it is suitable for mass production and flexible selection. It is also called speed change box(transmission) in the Auto parts. Transmission is one of the most important part of automotive transmission. The function as following:

1.Change the speed of the car and the torque on the drive wheel in a larger range.

Because of the different driving conditions, the driving speed and driving torque be required change in a very large range. For example, the speed should be 100km/h on the expressway, while in the urban area, the speed is usually around 50km/h. When driving on a straight road, the driving resistance is very small, and the driving resistance is very high when it is fully loaded. The characteristics of the car engine is that the range of rotational speed is small, and the variation range of torque can not meet the actual road conditions.
2. Achive Reverse to driving.

The crankshaft of a car can only rotate in one direction, and sometimes car needs to be able to go backward, so it is often used to reverse the car by the set reverse of gearbox.

3.Achieve Neutral.

When the clutch is joined, gearbox can not output power. For example, the driver can be guaranteed to release the clutch pedal from the driver's seat when the engine does not stall. Gearbox consists of variable speed transmission mechanism and variable speed control mechanism. The main function of variable transmission mechanism is to change the value and direction of torque and speed. The main function of the controlling mechanism is to control the transmission mechanism and realize the transformation of transmission ratio of transmission, that is change gear in order to achieve change speed and torque.

The mechanical gearbox mainly applied the principle of reducing speed of gearbox transmission. Easy speaking, gearbox with multiple sets of gears with different transimission ratio, and the changing behavior of the vehicle when driving is the vice of the gear in the gearbox through the operating mechanism. If with low speed, let the transmission ratio large gear pair work, while at high speed, let the transmission ratio small gear pair work.

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