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The classification of the planet gear box

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-11-04 10:43:00

    Established in April 1997, Shenzhen ZhaoWei Machinery & Electronics is a gear transmission mechanism of state-level high-tech enterprises with nearly 20 years of experience in gear transmission. Company's products mainly include: planetary gear reducer, curtain gear motor, low noise gear motor, micro planetary gear box, electric curtain motor, etc. At the same time, we provide customers with the transmission scheme design, parts mold design and manufacturing, parts production and comprehensive integrated assembly services.

Qualified miniature dc motor is widely used in small home appliance profession, high qualified miniature dc motor power is low but extremely broad, the classification of the qualified miniature dc motor diversity, type diversity. Characteristics of high qualified miniature dc motor canslow down automatically, to achieve great launch torque according to the load tests.

20MM Plastic planetary DC motor

High qualified miniature dc motor power is usually higher than other types of motor, so to reach the same output power, the volume of a dc motor is usually small. Under the condition of the equipment bearing limited, the high qualified miniature dc motor is relatively appropriate.

As the rapid growth of communications, miniature video, consumer electronics, and the health care professional device, superfine motor is widely used. But because of the production technology, precision and power request is higher, the market is far from saturated, there is still a big space for innovation and growth. In addition, with the car industry's rapid development, micro motor in car category USES supply has broad space for development. A car usually need 15 sets at the mercy of micro motor, demand for luxury cars may be 40 to 60 units, such as: active quantitative electronic fuel injection system instead of conventional carburetor, ABS brakes are replaced by motor replacement, and so on. And aviation technology, weapons and equipment, and actively the development of 3 d printing skills in the future will directly lead the micro motor to high, refined, sharp direction

ZhaoWei Machinery & Electronics - planetary gear box, is your right choice. Our products are high precision, durable service life, high stability, low noise, and product life-long free maintenance. Our service purpose is to provide customers with excellent services wholeheartedly.

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