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The difference between various micro gear box

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-11-05 10:57:00
    ZhaoWei Machinery & Electronics through the gears and gear box nearly 20 years of professional design, development, production, through the comparison of industry and a lot of experiment data design developed micro gear reducer, planetary gear motor, micro gear box, etc. Planetary gear reduction machine has high technical content, it has the newest technical requirements for production, miniature dc gear motor not only save space, reliable and durable, bear high overload capacity, but also has low energy consumption, superior performance, small vibration, low noise, high energy conservation etc. Gear motor gear used in the product after precision machining, ensure the accuracy of positioning, and constitutes the gear reduction motor assembly of gear processing a variety of motor configuration, formed the collective integration, ensure the quality of the product use.
8MM metal planetary DC motor
    Planetary reducer is one of the most common micro reducer. Planetary reducer is divided into two broad categories: ordinary type reducer with precise speed reducer, but what's the difference? Today is simple explanation for everyone under the difference between the average speed reducer and precision reducer.
   Type reducer with precision reducer not much difference in structure, deceleration is planetary gear tooth rotation around the sun. But the difference is that the precise gear motor installed on the planets teeth, the sun has a bearing, thus reduce the friction between the gear, the transmission is more efficient and more accurate.
    Our company has a strong research and development capabilities. Products can be customized according to customer's requirements to research and development production of micro gear box, planetary gear box, gear motor, plastic planetary gear box, with a little noise, voltage stability, transmission smooth, etc. Product quality guaranteed, welcome to enquire!

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