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What is the source of the classification of dc gear motor?

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2017-10-12 10:53:00

 slowly walked into our life. Especially in recent years, dc reduction motor industry development so rapidly. Following let Shenzhen Zhaowei Machinery & Electronics corporation introduce the classification source of the motor.

Motor types introduction

1.According to the working power supply classification according to the motor power is different, can be divided into direct current motor gear motor (dc) and ac motor, dc motor voltage is compared commonly small, use voltage is 3 v and 24 v.Which ac motor is also divided into single-phase motor and three-phase motor.

2.According to the structure and working principle of classification: the motor according to the structure and working principle can be divided into asynchronous motor and synchronous motor.Synchronous motor can also be divided into permanent magnet synchronous motor, synchronous motor and magnetic resistance motor with hysteresis.Asynchronous motor can be divided into ac induction motor and motor commutator.Induction motor is divided into three phase asynchronous motor, single-phase asynchronous motor and cover pole asynchronous motor.Communication is divided into single-phase series motor commutator motor, ac/dc motors and repulsion motor.Miniature dc motor slowdown motor according to the structure and working principle can be divided into the brushless dc motor and brushless dc motor.A brush dc motor can be divided into electromagnetic dc motor and permanent magnet dc motor.Electromagnetic dc motor is divided into series dc motor, shunt dc motor, and compound dc motor separately excited dc motor.Permanent magnet dc motor is divided into rare earth permanent magnet dc motor, ferrite permanent magnet dc motor and aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet dc motor.

3.Classified by start-up and operation mode Motor according to the start-up and operation mode can be divided into capacitor start motor, capacitor contributed to motor, capacitor start motor running and split-phase motors.
Dc gear motor, history is not long, but the rapid development of it, with the advent of the era of robots, more can reflect the value of dc gear motor, it will sing a song in the long river of human history.





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