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Why can the DC gearmotor drive the future?

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2017-09-26 15:16:00

 Nobody knew, what the intelligenceis ten years ago.People would think they walk in the frontier of the new science and technology when they got a mobile phone from Nokia. However, No one can predicate that Nokia will fade away from the leading edge ten years later. With the prompt development of intelligence technology, the cell phone has been upgraded to various kinds of smart one. Most of intelligent fantasies and conceptions are turning into the reality gradually. Our life also is constantly changing with the popularity of intelligence. We believe the era of smart life will come in the near future.

Almost 50% consumption of the electrical energy is from the electromotor in China according to the relevant statistics. The saving energy in one year will be equivalent to the yearly output from the Three Gorges Dam if the efficiency for all the motors can be increased by 5%. Thus the DC gear motor will be widely used for the preferred energy-saving solution in the future.

Actually, ZHAOWEI is not the first one to enter into this mechatronics industry. There were no the micro gearmotors in the market of 1990s. We can call the micro gear motors is the “Future Products”at that time when we look back now. EC external rotor motor is the DC brushless motor built-in the module of intelligent control with characteristic of free maintenance and multiple output interfaces for 0-10V sensors, speed regulation, warning device and master-slave signals. EC motors have the many advantages such as high intelligence, high energy-saving, high efficiency, long service life, low noise, etc. It can also work under the condition of uninterrupted operation.

The air conditional industry is the first and most one for the application of DC brushless frequency motor. But it is still in the initial stage for the other industries nowadays. With the characteristics of energy saving and emission reduction, this kind of motors have been valued gradually by the market in the past two years.

Only 5% of the products are using the DC gear motor in the current markets. It is estimated that the market share will be steadily increased to 10% and even 50% in the future due to the prominent advantages and benefits from gearmotors. We are full of the confidence for the extensive application of gear motor in future.

ZHAOWEI is a national high-tech enterprise which is specialized in the research, development and manufacture of the gear drive system. ZHAOWEI has been striving to be a leading manufacturer for the “heart”of the intelligent products by supplying the premium transmission products and solutions for the future technology in China.





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