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Intelligent electric curtains
Intelligent electric curtains Challenges:
Noise less than 34DB .

1. Hellical gear in gearbox
2. braking system: Gearbox with breaking system instead of motor with break
Automatic Stool Cover Gearbox
Automatic Stool Cover Gearbox Challenge:
Stool cover rotation angle from 0-110°, high torque, long life time.

Zhaowei developed self-lock reduction gearbox with worm and planetary gear combination. And it can turn the 15kg stool cover smoothly. It takes 3 minutes from open angle 0°-110°and achieve technical breakthrough in this circle.
Toliet Automatic Cleaning Pump GearBox
Toliet Automatic Cleaning Pump GearBox Project Name:
Toliet Automatic Cleaning Pump

Project Description:
mart toilet as a differentiated products, in the bathroom market has attracted the eyes of many consumers. Because in the design...
Home Service Robot - sweeping machine gearbox
Home Service Robot - sweeping machine gearbox Project Name:
sweeping machine gearbox

Project Description:
with the progress of science and technology more and more, people are becoming more and more "lazy". Because there are so many people try to "lazy"...
Intelligent Flip Trash Gear Box
Intelligent Flip Trash Gear Box Project Name:
Intelligent Flip Trash

Project Description:
Intelligent dustbin cover uses the microcomputer chip control, infrared sensor detection device, mechanical gearbox transmission part
Arc gear and gearbox solution
Arc gear and gearbox solution Challenges:
Apply reduction gearbox on air condition shutter

Achieve low noise, Shutter stability and large wind angle;

Wind angle can reach 180 degree, and no wind blind area, control the noise levcel below 30dB.
Automatic Soap Feeder Gear Pump
Automatic Soap Feeder Gear Pump Challenges:
Optimize the gear pump design to maintain soap feed volume and stability

Application in automatic soap feeder pump of SIMPLEHUMAN, Maintain soap volume and stability.
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