Micro Motor Model List

Micro motor, usually called micro gear motor, is a kind of driving motor that is widely used. A series of miniature and precise motors is available on the current market.

What is A Brushless DC Motor?

Brushless DC motor is made up of a motor and a driver, which is a typical mechatronic product. The brushless motor refers to the motor without brush and commutator.

How to Reduce DC Motor Noise?

The noise of low-noise DC gear motor during transmission can be less than 45dB. This passage is about some actual cases about how to reduce electric motor noise.

How to Select A Micro Gear Motor?

The miniature gear motor is a micro-motor driven closed transmission reduction device. This passage is about how to select a micro gear motor.

Servo Motors for Robot Head Rotation

The drive system for robot head rotation makes the robot head move more intelligently, such as nodding, shaking the head, bending the head…