An Introduction to Small DC Motor

A small DC motor refers to a rotating motor whose output or input is DC electric energy, also called a micro DC motor. It is the earliest invention of a device that can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

General Types of Micro Gear Motor

Micro gear motors can be divided into so many different types according to different standards. This passage will introduce several commonly used micro gear motors.

Gear Motor for Robot Joint

Voltage: Customizable
No-load Speed: Customizable
Load Speed: Customizable
Rated Load: Customizable
No-load Current: Customizable

Types of Planetary Gear Sets

Planetary gearbox, also known as planetary gear reducer, is a commonly used reduction equipment. The planetary gearboxes can be divided into high-power planetary gearboxes and low-power miniature planetary gearboxes according to usage, power, and specifications.

DC Gear Motor Rated RPM

DC Gear Motor with Rated RPM

ZHAOWEI provides bountiful choices of mini DC motors that offer the rated RPM needed. Here are 4 typical cases on DC gear motor with different rated RPM.