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A gear motor helps you measure blood pressure more accurately

2019-04-25 17:04:41
Wrist blood pressure monitor is a kind of electronic blood pressure monitor. It is generally equipped with fully automatic electronic intelligent blood pressure measurement technology. It has a liquid crystal display and a microcomputer fully automatic control. It can quickly and accurately measure your blood pressure and pulse rate. You regularly check your blood pressure and pulse. But if the blood pressure monitor wristband is not tied, the measured value will be biased,then the gear motor from ZHAOWEI plays an important role in this problem.

Zhaowei gear motor for wrist blood pressure monitors makes the pressure monitor more convenient,which mainly has the function of self-checking,and it can easily measure blood pressure with one hand.When the wrist wristband is clasped, the sensor will sense your hand, and the Zhaowei gear motor for wrist blood pressure monitor provides power, so that the wrist blood pressure monitor begins to contract, when the sensor senses that the gearbox automatically reaches a certain force (elastic tension),it will automatically stop, then start measuring blood pressure, and intelligently release the wristband (reverse) after testing.
In general,we use the 24V permanent magnet DC motor for wrist blood pressure monitor,the next is parameters of 24v gear motor.

10MM Plastic planetary DC motor
1. Model: ZWPD010010-XXX(customized)
2. Rated Voltage: 3.0-24 V(customized)
3. No Load Speed: 20-4318 rpm(customized)
4. No Load Current: 60-80 mA(customized)
5. Rated Load Speed: 18-3625 rpm(customized)
6. Rated Load Current: 215-220 mA(customized)

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