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Custom wireless curtain gear motor

2019-06-11 18:30:15
Wireless curtain gear motor is a kind of transmission deceleration equipment used in smart home electric curtains. The main transmission structure is drive motor and a gear box (a micro reducer). Such low power micro gear motor usually has power below 50W and voltage below 24V. The diameter specification is below 38mm. ZHAOWEI provides customized development services, such as drive motor output power, rated voltage, diameter, gearbox reduction gear ratio, output torque and other technical parameters and we provide a complete set of wireless curtain motor gearbox customization.

Wireless curtain motor product technical parameters:
Product Category: Plastic Planetary Gearbox
Outer diameter: 12mm
Gear material: plastic
Direction of rotation: cc&ccw
Gear backlash:≤3°
Bearing: porous bearing,rolling bearing
Axial endplay : ≤0.3mm (porous bearing), ≤0.2mm (rolling bearing)
Radical loading on output shaft: ≤ 5N (porous bearing),≤ 10N (rolling bearing)
Working temperature: -20...+85°C
Gearbox type: planetary gearbox
Drive motor: DC motor

Successful Case:Wireless curtain motor
Project Name:Electric Curtain Gearbox
Project Challenge: Electric curtains are recognized by more and more people,many people can’t stand noise while they are resting.but our gear motor has low noise.
Achievement: to solve the noise of the indoor sunshade of the tubular planetary motor gearbox.
Wireless curtain motor is mainly used in home, business, office, residential, school, medical institutions, theaters, entertainment venues and other fields.

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