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Electric speedometers can be more accurate

2019-05-10 15:33:38
Electronic speedometer has many advantages,so it gradually replaces the mechanical speedometer driven by the soft shaft. But at present,the electronic speedometer still has a large room for improvement. Now ZHAOWEI micro gearbox can better control the instrument,beats of the stepper motor during the use, the jitter of the pointer and reduce the noise problem during the use of the product.

 Electric speedometers can be more accurate

Modern car is moving at a high speed, and the odometer driven by a soft shaft is facing unprecedented challenges. The soft shaft rotates at high speed, The hysteresis of its movement is limited by the alternating stress of the steel wire.The high-speed vehicle often causes the fatigue of the soft shaft of the steel wire to break, thus invalidating the function of the odometer. Therefore, more electronic speedometers are now used.Electronic speedometer has the same functions as mechanical speedometer,but their principles are fundamentally different.The electronic speedometer is driven by a stepper motor to drive a mechanical mileage recording mechanism (counter) and the stepper motor is controlled by the output signal of the Hall sensor mounted in the gearbox,so how to choose a suitable stepper motor?ZHAOWEI is a reliable partner you can trust.
The next is our stepper gear motor which is suitable electric speed odometer,meanwhile,we can supply customized service for you.
10MM metal planetary DC motor
1. Model: ZWBMD010010-XXX
2. Rated Voltage: 3-12 V
3. No Load Speed: 20-4318 rpm
4. No Load Current: 60-80 mA
5. Rated Load Speed: 18-3625 rpm
6. Rated Load Current: 215-220 mA

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