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How to calculate the speed ratio?

2019-07-29 16:18:37
Gear reducer is a commonly used reduction gear transmission device. The main structure is transmission motor and reduction gear box. Gear reducer is divided into high-power gear reducer and low-power gear reducer according to power. When selecting gear reducer, it is necessary to calculate the power, speed ratio, output speed and torque of the reducer. However, how to calculate the speed ratio of the reducer, the general formula for calculating the speed ratio of the reducer is described below.
1. Speed ratio formula
Speed ratio = motor output speed/ Reducer output speed
ZHAOWEI specializes in R&D and manufacturing of miniature precision gear reducers. The parameters, power, specifications, materials and performance of gear reducers can be customized according to customer requirements.
Our customizable parametera are:the power below 50W, the voltage is below 24V,the diameter is below 38mm,the speed ratio is from 5 to 1500.
ZHAOWEI gear motor model,divided into the following four series.
ZWBPD006006、ZWBPD010010、ZWBPD016016、ZWBPD020020、 ZWBPD022022、ZWBPD024024、ZWBPD028028

Gear reducer

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