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Motor parameters for smart water meter

2019-07-05 15:05:01
Low-power micro gear motors can be used in smart water m.The common power of the gear motor is below 50W, the voltage is below 24V, and the diameter is below 38mm. In order to better meet the water meter transmission requirements of different models and specifications, ZHAOWEI can custom gear motors for smart water meter according to technical parameters such as drive motor, output speed, power, voltage, reduction ratio, torque, noise, accuracy.
Gear motor  parameters for smart water meter
Gearbox type: planetary gearbox
Product model: ZWBMD010010
Product specifications: Φ10MM products
Voltage: 3-4.2V (can be customized)
No-load speed: 20-4318 rpm (can be customized)
No-load current: 60-80 mA (can be customized)
Load speed: 18-3625 rpm (can be customized)
Reduction ratio: 4-809:1 (can be customized)
Drive accuracy: (can be customized)
Drive motor: DC brush motor, DC brushless motor, stepper motor, coreless motor, permanent magnet motor, electric motor.
Successful Case
Gear motors for Instrument panel

Project instrument
ZHAOWEI continuously adjusts the structure of instrument panel gearbox and gear accuracy ,solving the jitter of pointer and the noise problem of the product during use.

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