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Parameters of gear motors for cooking machine

2019-06-21 16:06:13
The cooking machine begins to enter the modern kitchen, intelligent cooking machine, unattended. Simply put the the original material of food into one-time, select the cuisine, and  gently press by your finger, no need to take care of it. Generally, the home-cooked dishes can be complete in three minutes, half the time than manual cooking. Driving the cooking machine to cook automatically is a micro gear motor,which has features of small volume and large torque. The main drive structure is a miniature reduction gear motor assembled by a drive motor and a gear box (reducer),it has the characteristics of reduction speed,drive and increasing torque.Technical parameters of miniature gear motors can be customized,such as output power, output speed, rated voltage, diameter specifications, gearbox type, reduction ratio, output torque, noise, gear accuracy. ZHAOWEI is committed to R&D, design and manufacturing gear  motors for cooking machine and provides customized development service.  
Parameters of gear motors for cooking machine
Product Category: Metal Planetary Gearbox
Outer diameter:16mm
Gear material:Metal
Direction of rotation: cc&ccw
Gear backlash:≤3°
Bearing: porous bearing,rolling bearing
Axial endplay : ≤0.1mm (porous bearing), ≤0.1mm (rolling bearing)
Radical loading on output shaft: ≤ 20N (porous bearing),≤ 50N (rolling bearing)
Working temperature: -20...+85°C
Gearbox type: planetary gearbox
Drive motor: DC motor,stepping motor,brushless motor
Successful case
Range hood
Parameters of gear motors for cooking machine

The intelligent range hood generally automatically turns on the smoking and exhausting device through the built-in smoke sensitive sensor.

The angle of the automatic opening of the hood is low and the flexibility is low. The hood is noisy.

1. Adopting the design concept and scheme of the planetary gear design industry, it can solve the noise problem of the gear motor of the range hood
2. It adopts the double structure of worm gear structure and planetary gear box, which can easily flip the cover.

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