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Technical parameters of gear motors for 5G RF

2019-06-12 17:46:59
With the advent of the 4G and 5G eras, electronic screens have grown from mobile phones to computers to smart TVs.
The increase of the screen means the compression of the blank space on the front of the mobile phone, and the unit in the traditional RF signal chain needs to be upgraded. In general, the longer the antenna, the lower the frequency band it can cover. If the antenna space is large enough, the more frequency bands it covers, the better the efficiency, and the better its performance. However, the full screen squeezes the space of the antenna, which makes the antenna efficiency worse, affecting the TRP which is the overall transmit power of the antenna.


The main structure of the RF motor is a planetary gear reducer assembled by driving a stepping motor and a gear box. It has the functions of deceleration and torque adjustment. We can custom gear motors according to your parameters,such as the power of the stepping motor, diameter,voltage, the reduction ratio of the gearbox, the output torque,and gear material. ZHAOWEI has been focusing on R&D, design and manufacture of micro base station antenna motor gearbox for many years, providing customized development, generation and assembly services.
Product Category: Metal Planetary Gearbox
Outer diameter: 16mm
Gear material: Metal
Direction of rotation: cc&ccw
Gear backlash:≤2°
Bearing: porous bearing,rolling bearing
Axial endplay : ≤0.1mm (porous bearing), ≤0.1mm (rolling bearing)
Radical loading on output shaft: ≤ 20N (porous bearing),≤ 30N (rolling bearing)
Working temperature: -20...+85°C
Gearbox type: planetary gearbox
Drive motor: DC motor
Successful case: 5G base station antenna gearbox solution

Project Challenge: With the development of technology, the application of Internet of Things in the 5G era will increase. From bracelets and smart watches to electric cars,even huge sea-crossing bridges, will be connected to the network, they need large network traffic,putting forward higher requirements for each carrier network.It just needs a few seconds to download a clean movie and the 5G network has lower latency and faster buffering speed. 5G network can provide higher bandwidth, making it possible to access more home and business equipment.

The solution can store antenna identity information, sense antenna engineering parameters (antenna orientation, mechanical downtilt, altitude, latitude and longitude, etc.), store network history adjustment records, etc., and meet AISG2.0 and its extension protocol, The antenna parameter information can be remotely monitored in real time directly in the background, and the horizontal and vertical tilt angle adjustment functions are provided to help operators quickly perform remote network optimization and background data intelligent management, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality of network optimization.

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