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What determines the strength of the fascia gun?

2019-06-04 15:34:34
The fascia gun is a new technology and is very popular in the gym for a while. After exercising, the sympathetic nerves are over-excited, causing the muscles to be too tight when they are static, resulting in fascia adhesions, which affect the recovery. The fascia gun touches the deep muscle layer through the impact movement of different frequencies, relieves muscle fatigue and pain, and can adjust the intensity and frequency. It has the penetration force from the gear motor that the hand massage don’t have. It is called “private masseur” by many users.

The fascia gun has now become very popular in the sports area. Its important selling point is to help deeper fascia relaxation. The fascia gun is suitable for muscle soft tissue. If the impact is too strong or too small, It is easy to cause muscle damage or lactic acid accumulation. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately control the massage force of the fascia gun, but it may be difficult for manual massage or some foam motor technology.
So the fascia gun needs a suitable gear motor,which should have good stability ,small volume and low noise. In order to meet different strength needs,the gear motor for the fascia gun must have multi-stage transmission change,such as 2-stage,3-stage and 4-stage. ZHAOWEI has rich experience in producing micro gear transmission. our biggest gear motor is 38mm,and the smallest gear motor is 3.4mm. Besides these, we also provide the customized service. The next i will introduce the 3.4mm gear motor from ZHAOWEI.
3.4MM metal planetary DC motor
Product category: Metal Planetary Gearbox
1. Model: ZWBMD003003-XXX
2. Rated Voltage: 3.0V
3. No Load Speed: Customize
4. No Load Current: 110 mA
5. Rated Load Speed: 2.4-300 rpm
6. Rated Load Current: 220 mA

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