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Features of the 12v geared motor

2019-02-21 14:20:49
Nowadays,the application field of the 12v geared motor is more and more extensive,such as personal care,smart home and so on. The next will introduce features of the 12v geared motor, you will know why the 12 geared motor very popular.
1.Compact structure
Through the reasonable design of the structure, the space occupied by the geared motor is very small. In addition, reasonable material selection makes it have a strong bearing capacity,meeting the strength of the application requirements, durable.
2.Easy to maintain
The big feature of the geared motor is that it is easy to maintain and does not need to pay too much cost. It can only be achieved by repairing and maintaining several transmission parts.
3.High flexibility
More serialization and modularization are adopted, so it is more flexible in form and can change quickly according to the change of the scheme at any time, making its structure form more suitable.
4.Low energy consumption
This advantage in today's industrial is highly valued, mainly because of increasing energy pressure, which will be a large number of the increased burden for companies. As far as the 12v geared motor is concerned, the efficiency of electricity saving is higher than that of general motor products.
5.High technology content

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