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Gear formation methods

2019-02-20 15:40:26
There are many forms of tooth profile, in which involute tooth form is the most common. There are two kinds of common processing methods for involute profile, gear forming method and gear-generating method.
1. Gear milling
The use of a disc-shaped modular milling cutter or a finger milling cutter is a shaping process, and the cross-sectional shape of the milling cutter corresponds to the shape of the gear teeth. This method has low processing efficiency and processing accuracy, and is only suitable for single-piece small batch production.
2.Forming grinding
It is also a forming method, because the grinding wheel is not easy to be trimmed and used less.
It belongs to the generating method, and its working principle is equivalent to a pair of helical gear meshing. The prototype of the gear hob is a helical gear with a large helix angle. Due to the small number of teeth (usually the number of teeth z = 1), the teeth are very long, forming a worm with a small helix angle around the shaft, and then slotting and the shovel tooth becomes a hob with a cutting edge and a back angle.
4.Gear shaving
Shaving is a common finishing method for non-hardened flank in high volume production. The working principle is to use the shaving cutter to perform free meshing motion with the gear to be processed, and by means of relative slip between the two, fine scraping chips are shaved from the tooth surface to improve the accuracy of the tooth surface. The shaving teeth can also form drum teeth to improve the position of the tooth surface contact area.
5.Gear-generating grinding method
The cutting motion of the grinding method is similar to the hobbing. It is a tooth finishing method, especially for hardened gears, which is often the only finishing method. The grinding method can be ground with a worm wheel or a tapered wheel or a disc wheel.
However, 12v micro geared motor usually adopts to the gear-generating grinding method,because our geared motors has high precision and small volume.

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