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Gear machining methods

2019-02-19 17:25:36
In the industry of micro gearboxes, there are three main categories: hobbing, forming and space forming.

1.Rolling method. Its characteristic is that as long as a tool is used, it can process any gear with the same number of teeth and any variable amount of gear. The hobbing method can be divided into two types: continuous hobbing method and indexing hobbing method.
2. Forming method. It uses a tool with a cogging profile shape to move in the direction of its tooth profile. The tool and the gear are in contact along the entire contour line, so the machine tool used is simpler than the roll cutting method. The forming method can be divided into two types: index forming method and full tooth forming method.
3. Space forming method. This method uses a complete space negative mold with a gear shape as a mold. The entire gear is cast, sintered, pressed or die cast in this mold. It is suitable for mass production of pinions made of non-ferrous metals and plastics
Most of the gearboxes use these three kinds of machining methods.12v gear motors have no exception.

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