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How does cleanliness affect 12V geared motors?

2019-01-14 11:33:01
How does cleanliness affect 12V geared motors?
1. Impact on lubrication and piping accessories of 12V geared motors. In order to increase the lubricating ability of the lubrication, the diameter of the oil hole in the gearbox is generally small. After the circulation, the lubricating oil can easily stay in the oil hole position to take the iron filings and add the impurities in the oil. The small oil holes are blocked, resulting in insufficient or no lubrication.
2. Influence on various valve bodies of 12V geared motors: After the debris enters the valve core, it will damage the surface of the core and affect the sensitivity of the valve core and reduce its service life.
3. The effect on gears and meshing of 12V geared motors. During the gear meshing process, the lubricating oil brings the impurities into the meshing tooth surface of the 12V geared motor, destroys the smoothness of the tooth surface, reduces the mechanical properties of the tooth surface, affects the smoothness of the transmission, and makes the tooth surface prone to pitting, gluing, wear and other failures, shortening its Service life.
4. The effect on the bearing of 12V geared motors. Under normal lubrication conditions, the bearing will form an oil film between the surfaces of the parts, which will not directly contact, which can reduce friction and wear inside the bearing, improve bearing performance and prolong service life. When the oil contains impurities, the impurities enter the bearing rolling body and the inner and outer rings, increasing the friction, causing the rolling elements to rotate badly, especially under high speed and heavy load, the inner and outer rings and the rolling bodies form pits, causing the points thereof.
5. The effect on the bolts of 12V geared motors. When other impurities such as sealant or iron filings enter the threaded hole, the tightening torque of the bolt will be affected when the bolt is screwed in, which will not achieve the expected effect, resulting in excessive force damage, thread type or failure to reach the tightening torque,causing the bolt of 12V geared motors to leak oil.

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