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How to judge the quality of 12v geared motor?

2019-03-12 16:53:45
1. Firstly, check from its temperature. During the rotation process, the 12v geared motor will rub against other parts, and the process of friction will increase the temperature of the geared motor. If abnormal temperature rise occurs, the rotation should be stopped immediately and preventive measures should be taken.
2. Secondly, check from its vibration. Through the vibration of the 12v geared motor, problems such as damage, indentation, rust, etc. of the geared motor can be detected, which will affect the normal operation of the geared motor. The vibration motor vibration detecting instrument can be used to observe the vibration magnitude and vibration frequency of the geared motor, and thus the abnormal condition of the 12v geared motor can be found.
3. Finally, judge from the sound. During the operation of the 12v geared motor, different sounds appear, which means that the geared motor has different conditions. We can judge the quality of the geared motor by hearing, but the judgment also needs a instrument to detect. There is a sounder that specifically checks the geared motor. If the geared motor is running, the sound is sharp and harsh, or there are other irregular sounds, it proves that there is a problem or damage to the geared motor. It should be suspended as soon as possible to make a more detailed inspection.

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