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How to measure the temperature of a 12v geared motor?

2019-02-19 17:21:38
Geared motors may heat up during use. We know that if it is too hot, it will easily cause damage to the machine. This requires us to control the temperature and learn how to measure the temperature of a 12v geared motor.The next,i will introduce it in brief.

Firstly,learn to measure the operating temperature.
The temperature rise of the 12v geared motor is measured at the same time as the measurement of the load carrying capacity and transmission efficiency of the geared motor, or it can be carried out separately. When the tested 12v geared motor meets the requirements, it reads its operating temperature at rated speed and rated input power.

Secondly,learn to measure ambient temperature。
Place the thermometer 1.5m away from the surface of the12v geared motor to be tested. The thermometer should be placed away from the external radiant heat and airflow. The reading of the ambient temperature value and the reading of the working temperature should be performed simultaneously.
I hope this article will help you.

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