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Influence of Gear Surface structure in 12v geared motors

2019-02-19 17:22:20
Based on the research and experience, the functional characteristics of the teeth of 12v geared motor affected by the surface structure are divided into some categories: transmission accuracy (noise and vibration),surface bearing capacity (such as pitting, gluing and wear),bending strength, general performance as follows:
1.The Impact on carrying capacity. The tooth surface structure of 12v geared motor can affect the tooth tooth durability in two general directions; the tooth surface is degraded and the tooth teeth are broken. Deformation of the tooth surface is caused by grinding, gluing or scratching and pitting, etc. the tooth fracture may be the result of fatigue (circular stress), and the surface structure is a factor that affects the stress in the transition zone of the root.
2.The impact on the accuracy of the transmission of 12v geared motors. The two main features of the flank structure are roughness and waviness. Surface waviness or flank waviness can cause transmission errors that affect the direction of the corrugated texture relative to the instantaneous contact line and contact line. In a few cases, the surface roughness will cause a difference in gear noise (smooth tooth surface and rough tooth surface are to be compared).

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