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Intelligent utility pole motor parameters

2019-03-26 14:06:55
In order to effectively solve the problem of urban development, building a intelligent city has become an inevitable trend. This, provides a broader space for the development of Zhaowei's gearbox products.

It is common to see the pole street lights in a “intelligent city”. Street lamps are the carrier of public lighting for urban roads. Street lighting systems can be used as a public service platform: equipped with modern information technology, equipped with camera modules to achieve real-time monitoring of the pavement area; connected to modern computer systems, through the control module, the street lights can automatically adjust the brightness based on natural light and determine the number and time of the can also be equipped with network technology, using the power system of the street lamp, setting the power charging interface, the citizen mobile phone or car is powered off, and connected to the pole charge port, you can charge in time!

The range of Intelligent utility pole motor custom technical parameters:
Diameter of geared motors:3.4mm、4mm、6mm、8mm、10mm、12mm、16mm、18mm、20mm、22mm、24mm、26mm、28mm、32mm、38mm(Customizable)
Transmission ratio:5-1500(Customizable)
Torque range:1gf-cm to 50kgf-cm(Customizable)
Output speed:5-2000rpm(Customizable)
Gearbox material:plastic,metal(Customizable)
Drive motor:stepping motor(Customizable)
Gearbox structure:(Customizable)
Product features:micro,long service life,High precision of rotation
3.4mm metal reduction gearbox
Outer diameter:3.4mm
Direction of rotation:cc&ccw
Gear backlash:≤3°
Axial endplay:≤0.3mm
Operating temperature range:-20--+80℃
The structure of Geared motors

Speed at 500 pps
Max Rated Torque
Max Instant Torque
Gear Ratio
gearbox length  L1
Overall overall Length
rpm mm mm
ZWBMD003003-5 300.0 50 150 5 6.0 10.75
ZWBMD003003-25 60.0 50 150 25 7.5 12.25
ZWBMD003003-125 12.0 50 150 125 9.0 13.75
ZWBMD003003-625 2.4 50 150 625 10.5 15.25
3.4mm metal gearbox drawing:
Project name: Intelligent utility pole motor solution
Project difficult:In the layout monitoring system of the intelligent city, the fixed version of the surveillance camera (without motor, the lens can not be rotated automatically) can not meet the daily needs.
Project achievement:
In order to realize the fast positioning of the front camera and the tracking of the fast moving target, there is no blind angle in the monitoring, and the tracking is quickly. Through a built-in high subdivided a stepper motor and a PTZ camera gearbox,the gearbox solution for PTZ cameras can change the reduction ratio and adjust the input speed and torque of the gearbox by means of the multi-layer convertible transmission ratio mechanism,which intelligently adjusts the running angle and the speed of horizontal and vertical,realizing continuous tracking and monitoring of the camera and adjusting the rotation angle sensitivity and speed according to the target changes.
Zhaowei intelligent utility pole motor gearbox solution is mainly used in science parks, towns, tourist attractions, city parks, city squares, streets and various buildings. As a new business card of the city Internet of Things, it adds luster to the intelligent city.

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