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Routine tests of geared motors

2019-03-12 16:58:13
During the assembly process of the geared motor, the following aspects need to be examined:
1.Torsional vibration test
The torsional vibration value is an important parameter to measure the quality of the geared motor. The main testing instruments are torsional vibration meter and torsional vibration sensor. In order to make the detection process simple, it is necessary to design a test tool.
2.Gas tight test
For geared motors, it is often the case that oil leakage occurs during actual operation due to poor air tightness of the gearbox, so airtight inspection (oil leakage) is necessary. The specific method is: in the assembly process, before the refueling process, the test is carried out, and the air pressure is applied to the reducer through the press to 0.1 5 MPa. Under this condition, 20s is required to be airtight, that is, the pressure is constant.

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