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The common questions about micro gear reducer motor

2018-12-12 16:34:39
ZHAOWEI planetary gearbox

Question 1:The micro gear reducer motor can not start in primary use
Reasons:Because of low temperature and other reasons,the oil fluidity of internal lubrication in the micro gear reducer gets bad,then the instantaneous current of the motor rises,resulting in driver overload protection. So the motor can start more than a few times.

Question 2: why does produce impingement sound inside the micro gear reducer?
Reasons: The internal planetary shelf is translocated or the internal gear produce filings due to rub. Now you need to replace the reducer.

Question 3: The output shaft can not rotate
Reasons: the output shaft is translocated ,deformated or wear, so you need to replace the shaft and check if the internal gearbox is wore.

Question 4: The micro gearbox has oil leakage
Reasons:This is a common question,mostly resulting from excessive lubricating oil. This will not happen when the excess oil is consumed.

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