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The thermal power of 12v geared motors

2019-02-23 16:08:32
The thermal power of the micro reducer is the high power that the closed reducer can continuously transmit without exceeding the specified lubricant balance temperature. The equilibrium temperature is the temperature at which the heat generated during continuous operation is substantially equal to the heat emitted, and the temperature at which the temperature rise is substantially stopped. 12v geared motors have no exception.
The main design is as follows:
1. The thermal power of 12v geared motors should be equal to or greater than the power delivered by the actual work. The amount of thermal power  of 12v geared motors depends on the efficiency of the gear pair, bearings and so on, operating conditions, maximum allowable oil temperature, and cooling measures taken.
2. Exceeding the use of heat power of 12v geared motors means that the temperature of the lubricating oil exceeds the allowable value, accelerates the oxidation of the oil, reduces the viscosity of the oil, and causes the oil film on the contact surface of the gear and the bearing to become thin or cracked, reducing its resistance to pitting and anti-gluing and shortening the operating life.
3. In the traditional closed reducer design, the thermal power is calculated in the worm reducer because it has relatively low transmission efficiency and generates more heat when the transmission is relatively large. Now, due to the closed gear of various gears. The replacement of the gears,
For example, cylindrical and bevel gear reducers and planetary gear reducers adopt high-strength alloy steel tooth blanks. After carburizing, quenching, grinding and other finishing processes, the bearing capacity is doubled, and the relative volume and surface heat dissipation area are also largely reduced.

The above content is taken from the "Gear Drive Design Handbook"

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