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What applications can 12v geared motors be used for?

2019-01-14 14:53:00
12v geared motors of ZHAOWEI has small volume,high stablity,large torque,low noise and high it can be used in various fields.
What applications can 12v geared motors be used for?
1. Electronic products and equipment
Mobile phones, digital cameras, handheld fans, balance cars, drones, electronic locks, electric toothbrushes, intelligent interactive robots, electric dolls, printers, photocopiers, etc.
2. Home automation
Air conditioners, washing machines, sweepers, vacuum cleaners, smart toilet cleaning pumps, sensor trash cans, electric curtains, sunshades, blinds, electric drying racks, electric projectors and more.
3. Automobile parts
Electric park brake(EPB),Power tailgate,Active Grille Shutter,Adaptive front-lighting system,Instrument Panel,Active Head Restraint,Windshield washer nozzle.
4. Medical device transmission
Intelligent medical motor, intelligent massage shoe motor, massage chair motor, minimally invasive linear stapler, intelligent infusion controller, dragon claw massager motor and so on.
Expect for 12v geared motors, ZHAOWEI can custom other geared motors according to your requirements.welcome to inquiry!

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