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What are the factors affecting gear life?

2018-12-12 17:35:02

1.Number of gear teeth: too many teeth are not conducive to gear processing, If it have too few teeth, gear teeth meshing times will increase,so it will reduce gear life.
2.Gear width coefficient: gear width coefficient determines the size of tooth width, and increasing tooth width can improve the bearing capacity, but the larger the tooth width, the more uneven the load distribution along the tooth width. Therefore, a suitable tooth width coefficient should be selected.
3.Pressure angle
5.Material of gear:
  A.Gear surface should have sufficient hardness and wear resistance to avoid pitting, gluing and plastic deformation as far as possible.
  B.The core of the gear should be of sufficient strength and toughness to withstand the breaking of the gear heel and the impact load.
  C.There should be good processing and heat treatment properties to make it easy to process and improve its mechanical properties.

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