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What do you need to pay attention to when installing a gear motor?

2019-02-21 14:15:12

1. when installing transmission parts in the the output of a 12v geared motor,you should pay attention operate it softly. It is forbidden to use a hammer and other tools to install it violently. It is best to use the assembly jig and internal thread of end shaft to install the bolt,and press the drive parts into the reducer with the force of bolt,which can protect the internal parts of the 12v geared motor from damage.

2. When installing the 12v geared motor, pay special attention to the centering of the drive center axis. The error of the centering cannot exceed the compensation amount of the coupling used by the reducer.

3. The transmission coupling of the 12v geared motor should be equipped with guards when necessary.

4. The fixing of the 12v geared motor is important. It should be stable and firm. Generally speaking, we should install the 12v geared motor on a horizontal base. If the reducer is not fixed properly, it will cause vibration and abnormal noise. 

5. In general, hammers are not allowed to knock pulleys, couplings, pinions or sprockets into output shafts, which can damage bearings and shafts.

6. The geared motor can only be installed on flat, shock-absorbing, torsional bracing structures.

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