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What if the gear motors temperature rises too fast?

2019-02-19 17:18:38

What if 12v gear motor temperature rises too fast?what should we do? There are some tips which is helpful for you.
1. The current of a 12v gear motor is increased due to the inter-turn or phase-to-phase short circuit or grounding of the stator windings, so that the regulation loss increases and overheats.The fault is not serious, just re-insertion insulation, and severely, the winding of the 12v gear motor should be replaced.

2. When the bearing of a 12v gear motor is damaged or worn excessively, the stator and the rotor rub against each other, resulting in excessive temperature rise. At this time, it is possible to check whether the bearing is loose or not, and whether the stator and the rotor are poorly assembled.
3. 12v gear motors are prone to heat when operating above rated load. In this case, check and adjust the voltage of the gear motor.

4. The cage rotor broken strip or the wound rotor coil joint is loosened, causing the maintenance network current to be excessively large and generating heat. The copper strip rotor can be repaired or replaced, and the rotor should be replaced for the cast aluminum rotor.

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