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Core Values --ZHAOWEI
2018-11-07 17:43:38
 Core Values --ZHAOWEI

ZHAOWEI supplies a variety of standard gear motors and custom DC Gear Motors for every application. When a standard model does not meet your application, we have many capabilities to tailor our motor and gearbox combination to deliver your goals and expectations for your application. Our factory engineering department is available to evaluate your needs and provide you with a cost effective solution for your project with very quick turnaround time.


Provide the better and better product and service to our customer, when the customer is successful, ZHAOWEI will also benefit from it. ZHAOWEI is doing best to learn not only from our customers. But also from our suppliers.

ZHAOWEI do the best to make the company a comfortable and strong platform for its staff. Let each staff find its dream there and make, it come true.


From designing, procurement, manufacturing, inspection, packaging and until delivery, in each and every production process we follow the standard operational procedures strictly.

We handle each order with sincerity and responsibility, we continuous do the best to make our quality and service exceed customer’s expectation.


ZHAOWEI never stop its step forward through customers’ ever-changing requirements. We believe that customer’s every new requirement is the energy of our Developing. We never stop our training and learning.

ZHAOWEI is a partner you can trust !

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