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Advantages of the SUV electric tailgate

2019-06-20 15:22:00
Nowadays, there are more and more SUVs on the road or in the community. What is the difference between the electric tailgates of most SUVs and other models?
The SUV car electric tailgate is actually a SUV electric tail box. Simply put, a new intelligent system is installed in the tailgate of the car, then you can realize the opening or closing of the tailgate by remote control car key,which easily solves the common problem that the tailgate of the SUV is too high and heavy to open and close.

1.The difference between the electric tailgate of the SUV and other models is mainly due to the basic structure of the electric tailgate. The SUV electric tailgate system is mainly composed of the electric strut, the door lock control box and the latch lock and the trunk lid module. The electric strut system consists of a casing, inner and outer ducts, a motor gearbox assembly, a damping system, a spring, and a fixed ball head. The motor gearbox assembly drives the screw to drive the nut(the thread pair is located inside the outer pipe),then let it to make a reciprocating linear motion. The ball ends at both ends of the electric strut are connected with the body pillars to realize the opening and closing of tailgate under the action of motor driving nut movement.
In the SUV electric tailgate function, you can set the tailgate opening height according to your needs. When you press the key, the electric tailgate will open to the predetermined height, then press the key to close, and the tailgate will be closed when you hear “tick”. The height will automatically rise to the set height when the tailgate is opened next time.
2. Unlike the ordinary electric tailgate, the SUV's electric tailgate motor has a self-locking function. If an obstacle is encountered during the opening or closing of the electric tailgate, the tailgate detects the obstacle by the sensor to identify and control the motor to move in the opposite direction to prevent pinching or damaging the object.
Therefore, the difference between the electric tailgate of SUV and other models is mainly due to the function of the tailgate pushing motor. The tailgate pushing gear motor developed by ZHAOWEI solves the difficulties of small torque and loud noise. ZHAOWEI can custom micro gear motor for power tailgate according to your needs.

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