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Applications of 24v gear motors

2019-06-10 16:16:33
As we all know,a micro gear motor consisting of gears or (a gearbox) and a motor. Although the gear motor is very small,it is an important parts in many fields. Why is it so popular?
Because it has strong features itself. A gearbox of the gear motor can reduce speed,change the direction of transmission and increase torque. And the 24v gear motor has characteristics of small volume,large torque,high precision. In general,the micro gear motor has compact structure,high capacity,low consumption and low noise, so it is very popular in the drive system of many applications,then what are the application fields of the 24v gear motor?

Firstly,the 24 gear motors can be used in home automation,such as electrical curtain,robot vacuum cleaner,electric lift table,sensor pump,door lock.
Secondly, the 24v gear motor can be used in automobile parts,such as power tailgate,electrical power steering,electric head restraint and head-up display.

Thirdly, the 24v gear motor can also be used in consumer electronics,such as portable photo printer,mobile phone rotating camera and fascia gun.

In addition to these applications, the 24v gear motor can also be used in other fields.
The above are applications of the 24v gear motor

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