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Common troubles and reasons of micro gear reducer

2018-12-12 17:16:19

As we all know,The longer the working time, the more serious the wear of the internal transmission device, and then a variety of troubles appear.The next content are some troubles about micro gear reducers and their reasons.

1.Abnormal heating of micro gear reducer
Abnormal heating of the reducer means that the bearing or shell parts of the reducer have a serious heat, which exceeds the normal temperature range. The bearing is heated,which is seen commonly.
Possible reasons:
Overloaded operation of reducer;improper assembly of bearings,gears, shafts;bearing wear and so on;short time start and stop too much;too high or too low voltage;poor lubrication,etc.

2.Abnormal vibration and sound of micro gear reducer
The meaning is that vibration and sound of micro gear reducer apparently increase and beyond the normal allowable range,or vibration and sound of gear reducer are abnormal.
Possible reasons:
Gear and shaft damage;gear meshing part has foreign matter stuck;gear meshing has matter;micro gear reducer and motor coaxiality error is large;fixed not firm;bolt loose;lubricating oil is not clean and impurity,etc.

3.Oil leak
Mainly the position of the bearing end cover of the speed reducer , the sealing surface or the combination surface of the casing and other parts have lubricating oil leakage .
Possible reasons:
Poor sealing, box deformation, shell damage and so on;it may also be in the gear transmission,friction heat,resulting in oil temperature rise,oil thinning and easy to leak.

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