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Detailed explanations of planetary reducer parameters

2019-08-02 16:12:33
The miniature planetary reducer is a widely used deceleration device. Compared with the ordinary reducer and gear reducer, the transmission efficiency, deceleration efficiency and transmission accuracy are much higher. The common specifications of the ZHAOWEI miniature planetary reducer are below 38mm, which is widely used in home automation, consumer electronics, smart car, personal care, 5G communication, intelligent robot, etc. The product equipment adopts miniature planetary reducer with different models, specifications and parameters.

1.Planetary gear series
The number of sets of planetary gears. Since a set of planetary gears cannot meet a large transmission ratio, 2-stage or 3-stage gearboxes are used to meet transmission requirements.Due to the increase in the number of planetary gears, the length of the2-stage or 3-stage gearboxes will increase,but its efficiency will decrease.
2.Reduction ratio: refers to the ratio of the instantaneous input speed to the output speed in the speed reduction mechanism. If the input speed is 1500r/min and the output speed is 25r/min, then the reduction ratio is: i=60:1. Reduction ratio calculation method: reduction ratio = input speed/ output speed.
3.Output torque: The planetary reducer is composed of multiple sets of planetary gears. The more the planetary gear sets (stages), the more the reduction ratio, the larger the output torque, and the smaller the opposite; the output torque calculation formula: torque = 9550 × Motor power × speed ratio ×  efficiency / motor input revolution power (W) = torque (nm) * angular velocity.
4.Transmission noise: Gears with small tooth profile error and small tooth surface roughness have less noise than ordinary gears under the same test conditions. Gears with small pitch error have smaller noise levels than ordinary gears under the same test conditions. However, if there is a pitch error, the effect of the load on the gear noise will be reduced.

miniature planetary reducer

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