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The gear motor parameters for Power Tailgate

2019-08-07 17:32:11
The power of the small gear reducer are less than 50W, the voltage is less than 24V, and the diameter is 38mm or less,which belongs to the low-power micro gear reducer. In order to better meet customer needs, ZHAOWEI can custom micro gear motors according to parameter requirements,such as voltage,current,speed. Our micro gear motor can be used in automobile parts,home automation,robots and other fields.
Voltage range: 3V-24V
Power range: 0.5W-50W
Reduction ratio range: 5-1500
Torque range: 1gf-cm to 50kgf-cm;
Diameter range: 3.4mm-38mm
Output speed: 5-2000rpm
Gear box material: metal gear box, plastic gear box
Drive motor: DC motor, stepper motor
Product features: small volume, light weight, low transmission noise, long life, large torque, strong carrying capacity, durable gearbox.
Application areas: intelligent field, automotive intelligent transmission field, home automation transmission field, industrial automation transmission field, electronic product transmission field, intelligent robot transmission field, etc.
 small gear reducer
Successful case
Power Tailgate(push rod type)
Successful case
Project instrument
ZHAOWEI constantly optimizes gears for power tailgate and adjust structures of gearboxes,which solves the technical problem of small torque and high noise of the power tailgate push rod.

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