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Three methods of selecting 12v geared motors

2019-02-19 17:11:00
Three methods of selecting12v geared motors

Firstly, according to the nominal input power of the mechanical strength, if the practical input speed of the 12v geared motor and the speed of a first gear of the four gears (1500, 1000, 750, 600) in the bearing capacity table, the speed reducer can be selected according to the nominal power at the speed of the gear.
Secondly,The critical power is selected according to the thermal balance of the12v geared motor under given conditions, and should consider its ambient temperature coefficient, the hourly load continuation rate factor, the nominal power utilization factor, the allowable oil temperature coefficient, etc.
Thirdly,The nominal input power of the 12v geared motor is selected according to the load capacity of the 12v geared motor deceleration instrument. The nominal input power of the reducer is driven by the motor. When different prime movers are driven, different loads and properties, the working condition coefficient and safety factor should be considered.

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