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ZHAOWEI plastic gear

2019-04-26 16:43:06
Plastic gears are widely used in home automation, automobile, medical transmission and other fields due to their good shock resistance, self-lubricity, small volume, low noise and stable chemical properties. They play the role of transmitting torque and motion.Plastic gears are mostly processed by injection molding. Compared with metal gears, such as stamping and machine making, the production cost is reduced, and the cumbersome process of secondary processing is avoided.
 ZHAOWEI plastic gear
At present, in addition to the ordinary POM, there are many material combinations that can be used for the production of plastic gears, such as PA, PPS and PEEK. Moreover, new improved methods, such as Carbon fiber reinforced polymer, can significantly change the characteristics of the material, which is further expansion of the use of the material.
Plastic gear materials are mostly made of ultra-high molecular weight polymers such as PE, POM, PBT, PA, PC and ABS. Among them, homopolymer has better mechanical properties, fatigue resistance and higher hardness than copolymer materials, and polyethylene has excellent wear resistance, self-lubricity, impact resistance and corrosion resistance.
ZHAOWEI has plastic gearbox and metal gearbox,which are compact structure,small volume,high precision and low noise. We has 6v plastic gear motor,12v gearbox and others,meanwhile ,we can custom gear motor according to customer’s requirements.

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