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Electric Head Restraint

In the common traffic accidents such as rear-end collision, passengers are vulnerable to neck injury. Active head restraint is becoming more and more popular.The reducer and motor from ZHAOWEI can improve its effectiveness of active head restraint effectively.

In the development of contemporary cars, safety has become a very important area. In traffic accidents, rear-end collisions account for a large proportion. The vast majority of rear-end collisions can cause occupant neck injuries. Neck injuries in low-speed rear-end collisions can cause cervical spine injuries and long-term pain in the neck.Improving the anti-whiplash performance of the seat headrest has realistic economic and social significance.

The Active Head Restraint (AHR) is a mechanical system. The upper pad support is a pressure plate connected to the seat back by a connecting rod. When the car is chased by the rear, the passenger's body is affected. The impact force will hit the backrest and push the pressure plate back, pushing the headrest forward to push the passenger's head and neck to prevent or reduce the possibility of injury before the head and neck sway. The collision activation device is placed inside the headrest, and when it is activated, the device moves the entire headrest up through the metal support column to protect the head and neck of the person. 

The drive system for Active Head Restraint
The headrest mechanism design includes a control module, a drive motor, and a link drive mechanism. The control mechanism and the drive motor are linked by signals. The link driving mechanism includes an upper cross link mechanism arranged in parallel, a lower cross link mechanism, and a drive screw connected to the motor. The control module adopts a single-chip computer or an on-board computer to control the forward rotation of the motor when dangerous conditions occur. When the two nuts move toward each other, the headrest is deployed through the linkage mechanism; when the dangerous working condition is eliminated, the control motor is reversed. The two nuts move back, and the headrest is folded by the link mechanism. The drive motor/gear reducer must meet specific requirements: it needs to be low-noise,reliable,fast starting and strong vibration resistance---requirements that ZHAOWEI gear reducer easily masters.

The above the gearbox for AHR is developed for specific customers, only as a gear reducer/motor scheme display.But ZHAOWEI can custom products according to requirements.

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