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Electric door and window

Project explanation:
 electric window is generally refers to the glass lifter can automatically rise, drop the glass doors and windows, even in driving the process can easily open, shut the doors and windows, so electric window also called windows automatically, past only installed in the limousine, and in the modern car has been widely adopted. Electric window system through the window, window regulator, motor gear box, relays, switches and ECU and device to complete the lifting function, each window the a motor to control the windows rise or fall. Siu Wai is a professional design and production of electric power windows machine gear box of the national high and new technology enterprises.

Project explanation: Zhao Wei has a more than 20 years of automobile gear box development experience, with the German Bosch, Brose, Valeo, etc. a number of enterprises to establish a strategic partnership. Mainly focus on automotive gear driving parts for customers to do the design and development of, products, mainly involving EPB, power tailgate, power window gear box, air door controller, ABS brakes system components and so on.
Above is for a specific customer development and design, only as a motor vehicle electric door and window gear box of the program display. The mega power can be based on customer's special needs to do the design, development and production, product ownership for customers.


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