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Gearbox for head-up display

With the upgrade of 5G commercial and consumer, electricization, intelligence, networking, sharing and light weight have become the development direction of the automobile industry chain. In the future, automotive intelligence and networking will be the trend of the times.The technology-influenced car interaction products are gradually being taken seriously,like HUD.but now we pay more attention to the HUD flip function with ZHAOWEI gear motor.
The head-up display shows important information such as driving speed, temperature, etc. on the holographic half mirror on the windshield so that the driver can see important information without having to bow his head.The essence of the heads-up display is to increase the safety of people's driving. However, some head-up displays on the market also have some bugs. In driving, the head-up display angle is incorrect. In normal sitting position, the information displayed on the display screen cannot be seen.The display screen must be pushed forward to a angle then you can see information. All of these will the safety of driving.

ZHAOWEI gearbox solutions for HUD
For the large-angle intelligent opening and closing requirements of the HUD, we have developed a gearbox solution for HUD flipping. By analyzing the structure of the flip-up display of the head-up display, the gear reversing device can form two sets of transmission paths by the reversing action of the reversing mechanism on the bracket of the display screen, one of which is an input shaft, a reversing mechanism ,a forward gear train,and the transmission system formed by the output gear, the second is the transmission system composed of the input shaft, the reversing mechanism, the reverse gear train and the output gear.When the forward gear train participates in the transmission, the output gear rotates forward, when the reverse gear train participates in the transmission, the output gear is reversed, so that the change of the output gear steering can be realized by the conversion of the above two sets of transmission routes, so as to avoid damage to the gear caused by the excessive load, and stably solve the angle adjustment problem of the head-up display during the driving process, improving the behavior of safe driving.

In order to meet the demand of small volume and large torque and meet the transmission torque of the head-up display with easy and intelligent rotation, we have developed and designed a multi-layer convertible transmission ratio mechanism.The product has two-stage, three-stage and four-stage transmission changes,so the reduction ratio can be changed and and the input speed and torque of the gearbox can be adjusted according to the design requirements of the head-up display.

Growing market demand
With the continuous development of intelligent driving technology, more and more information is needed to judge and remind for a car. Today's dashboards obviously cannot meet these needs. It is inevitable to display driving information and road information on the windshield. trend. Nowadays more and more manufacturers have invested in this field. The importance of HUD is self-evident. We need a higher specification of HUD standard to promote the product.The head-up display flip gearbox produced by ZHAOWEI can be adapted to the head-up display with the ever-changing market demand, and we can provide HUD and other automotive parts transmission gearboxes according to customer needs.
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